Welcome Citizens of South Africa

Dear Readers,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you here to this site. I have long been wishing to tell you so many things but have lacked the ways and means to do so. Now, by the grace of God, we as a nation have been given this intriguing vehicle, made possible by modern technology and ancient wisdom whereby I am able to tell you what is best for us all from my perspective.

As a country, I am able to see a far bigger picture than you as citizens can. And I have inside information, so to speak, that you have no access to. I am willing to share this with you for our greater good. And in the long run it is hoped that by putting our own house in order we will be able, in some measure, to influence other nations to shift their own perspectives to a higher vibration. In this way perhaps we can halt the wanton destruction of our magnificent planet and secure a more stable and brighter future for the children of Mother Earth.

I hope our association will not only be one concerning the weighty matters of governance and guardianship but also one where we are able to touch on the lighter side of life and nurture all the diverse talents and skills which is the rich heritage of this land.

Should there be any matters which you wish to discuss with me, please feel free to leave your comments or email queries below, and I shall do my best to attend to them.

Yours in all our best interests,

South Africa.