Election Day

My Dear People,
I see you are all now on the cusp of a great moment in time in our history.
You yourselves have seen how mismanagement and corruption dig deep into our own self respect. You have an opportunity now to make your own voices heard. Take the opportunity and do not be swayed by false promises.
A country needs to set the framework for every solid citizen to thrive, grow and be rewarded for their own efforts. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled into thinking that misuse of public finds is acceptable. Those responsible for this kind of behaviour are no more than thieves and they will pay for their dishonesty sometime in the future.
But let us talk of happier things.
I sense a great undercurrent of desire for a better country. I sense a moving in the hearts and minds of the general populace that injustice will not be tolerated and common sense will be demanded of those in power. South Africans have an innate intelligence which is now beginning to unfold. And I am encouraged by this. Individuals who join together in a common purpose to better the circumstances around them and stand for what is in the best interests of the country and themselves will be able to sidestep unfair policies that have been unjustly put in place .
We are never to lose heart. No government can withstand the united will of the public and it is time for all South Africans to do their best to make it easier for good sense to prevail.
Allow yourselves to reflect on the past and consider what kind of leaders we all need to prosper.
I am putting my faith in you all that I will not be disappointed by your decisions and expect that you will exercise your right to vote and make your own voice heard. You can be sure that I am aware of each and every decision. You may think that one vote is insignificant but to me each mark burns brightly and indelibly in my heart.

Go in peace my friends

Yours as always
South Africa