The Meaning of Christmas

My dear Fellow Beings,

As always the year has turned to look back on itself and is trying to assess the results of its labour over the past year. I get the feeling that it is not very happy with what it sees and feels that the report card would definitely support the comment “could do better.”

We have all thrown ourselves into the frenzied hype of rushing from pillar to post without due regard for the real consequences of our actions. We have in general sought to fill our coffers with quantities of tangible results, whether it be money, status or scores and paid little heed to the starvation of our souls. That which feeds our body and our psyche usually does nothing for our soul, and if we are to live our lives with purpose then we need to examine and discover that which feeds our soul.

Having said that, it is clear to me that it would be wise for us to spend these last few days of the year, when we have some time to ourselves, looking inward and adding one or two new items that do not usually appear on our New Year’s resolution list. Perhaps these items may run along the lines of, “I will ask my heart each day what it wants”, or “I will notice when someone asks for help”, or “I will value the service given to me by others and show my appreciation.”

All it takes is the addition of one or two easily applied actions, multiplied by 60 million, repeated 365 times, to increase the vibration of the country and lift our collective consciousness to a whole new level.

This is my request to Santa Claus.

Dear Santa,

Please don’t get stuck in the chimney. Please leave the cookies for those without Christmas dinner, refrain from drinking the beer as this could cause unnecessary accidents during the night and please make sure the crackers have ideas on how to feed our souls as well as the usual joke.

I thank you in advance for any gift you bring me since I realize the effort you have to go to just to get it to me. Please help yourself to tea or coffee and please try not to wake the kids on your way out.

Love and Blessings,

Yours faithfully,

The Higher Self of South Africa.

Christmas is, at its heart, a call to us all to try to focus on the better side of our own natures. And so let us do this and carry it through for the whole of 2014. We will all benefit. We will all find a greater measure of happiness and a lesser measure of stress. And as a result we will all be able to tackle the needs of ourselves and our neighbors with more grace and ease.

I thank you for all the time you have each given to the development of our common goals, and I hope we will learn from our mistakes and not allow the gross mismanagements that have occurred during the past year to be repeated.

May each of you be blessed and and may the sun shine on us all the warmth of our most precious land.

Go in peace,

South Africa.

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