Election Day

My Dear People,
I see you are all now on the cusp of a great moment in time in our history.
You yourselves have seen how mismanagement and corruption dig deep into our own self respect. You have an opportunity now to make your own voices heard. Take the opportunity and do not be swayed by false promises.
A country needs to set the framework for every solid citizen to thrive, grow and be rewarded for their own efforts. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled into thinking that misuse of public finds is acceptable. Those responsible for this kind of behaviour are no more than thieves and they will pay for their dishonesty sometime in the future.
But let us talk of happier things.
I sense a great undercurrent of desire for a better country. I sense a moving in the hearts and minds of the general populace that injustice will not be tolerated and common sense will be demanded of those in power. South Africans have an innate intelligence which is now beginning to unfold. And I am encouraged by this. Individuals who join together in a common purpose to better the circumstances around them and stand for what is in the best interests of the country and themselves will be able to sidestep unfair policies that have been unjustly put in place .
We are never to lose heart. No government can withstand the united will of the public and it is time for all South Africans to do their best to make it easier for good sense to prevail.
Allow yourselves to reflect on the past and consider what kind of leaders we all need to prosper.
I am putting my faith in you all that I will not be disappointed by your decisions and expect that you will exercise your right to vote and make your own voice heard. You can be sure that I am aware of each and every decision. You may think that one vote is insignificant but to me each mark burns brightly and indelibly in my heart.

Go in peace my friends

Yours as always
South Africa


My New Year’s Resolution

Dear Citizens,

It is time that we gather our thoughts together and project ourselves into the year ahead. Now is the time, before it is too late, to focus our thoughts on that which is important. It is now, while we still have a moment before the headlong rush into our busy schedules commands our attention, that we must gather our senses and concentrate our energies  on the task of deciding what we would like to accomplish in the next twelve months.

It is hoped that the leaders of the nation have done their planning on a time scale that is over a period of years. Is there such a thing, as a plan for South Africa? Where should we be in the next year, the next five years, the next ten years and so on.

Is there an office that at least attends to this sort of idea? We need a plan that transcends changes in leadership. We need a plan that takes care of the everyday running of the country and one which strives to encompass the hopes and dreams of the people in a fluid and flexible manner.

We need to build a blueprint of governance which will allow for different styles of leadership yet keep the general parameters the same. In this way the people will feel more secure and, in knowing what they can expect year after year, they will be able to concentrate on being more productive and looking after themselves.

It is disturbing to me, the amount of incoherent and misleading information being flung about by authorities. This does nothing for the confidence of the citizens. This does nothing to encourage support from the man on the street. Why is it difficult to put out facts and figures for all to see that reflect the true state of affairs? Numbers that are accurate have so many benefits. On the presentation of accurate measurements it is immediately possible to find anomalies, do something about them and improve the situation. I fear that the misinformation is spread to cloak incompetence. I hope that voters will think carefully about who has whose concerns at heart.

But I digress. Now that the new year is upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each one of you well for 2014. It is my fervent desire that you will all find opportunities to improve your financial, social and health situations. I, personally, will do my best to support your endeavors and I will try to see to it that conditions are conducive to a healthier economy for us all. I would also implore you all to recognize what is really important in life, to remember that time is precious and that a little respect and kindness to others goes a long way. Let us resolve to make time for work and leisure in balanced proportion and laugh at ourselves often.

Farewell for now and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Best regards

South Africa.


The Meaning of Christmas

My dear Fellow Beings,

As always the year has turned to look back on itself and is trying to assess the results of its labour over the past year. I get the feeling that it is not very happy with what it sees and feels that the report card would definitely support the comment “could do better.”

We have all thrown ourselves into the frenzied hype of rushing from pillar to post without due regard for the real consequences of our actions. We have in general sought to fill our coffers with quantities of tangible results, whether it be money, status or scores and paid little heed to the starvation of our souls. That which feeds our body and our psyche usually does nothing for our soul, and if we are to live our lives with purpose then we need to examine and discover that which feeds our soul.

Having said that, it is clear to me that it would be wise for us to spend these last few days of the year, when we have some time to ourselves, looking inward and adding one or two new items that do not usually appear on our New Year’s resolution list. Perhaps these items may run along the lines of, “I will ask my heart each day what it wants”, or “I will notice when someone asks for help”, or “I will value the service given to me by others and show my appreciation.”

All it takes is the addition of one or two easily applied actions, multiplied by 60 million, repeated 365 times, to increase the vibration of the country and lift our collective consciousness to a whole new level.

This is my request to Santa Claus.

Dear Santa,

Please don’t get stuck in the chimney. Please leave the cookies for those without Christmas dinner, refrain from drinking the beer as this could cause unnecessary accidents during the night and please make sure the crackers have ideas on how to feed our souls as well as the usual joke.

I thank you in advance for any gift you bring me since I realize the effort you have to go to just to get it to me. Please help yourself to tea or coffee and please try not to wake the kids on your way out.

Love and Blessings,

Yours faithfully,

The Higher Self of South Africa.

Christmas is, at its heart, a call to us all to try to focus on the better side of our own natures. And so let us do this and carry it through for the whole of 2014. We will all benefit. We will all find a greater measure of happiness and a lesser measure of stress. And as a result we will all be able to tackle the needs of ourselves and our neighbors with more grace and ease.

I thank you for all the time you have each given to the development of our common goals, and I hope we will learn from our mistakes and not allow the gross mismanagements that have occurred during the past year to be repeated.

May each of you be blessed and and may the sun shine on us all the warmth of our most precious land.

Go in peace,

South Africa.


Farewell Beloved Son (on the passing of Mandela)

Dear Citizens,

We gather with heavy hearts and a real sense of loss and bereavement. For a great soul has now passed from our shores. And like children losing a beloved father, so we feel that the rock in our lives has been rolled away into the ocean of the other side and it is no longer possible to feel that comforting presence.

We feel unsure of our future, for his light can no longer guide us. We fear that we will forget his legacy, and dishonor him by engineering protocols which directly conflict with the ideals that he and his compatriots gave their lives for. We fear that we will erode the great forward strides he propagated in the political arena for the benefit of every South African regardless of race, color or creed. We fear that we will lose our way and never find a leader of such ilk again. And now who can propel us forward with the momentum of his life into the generations that await ahead?

A great soul always knows his place, his time, his destiny. He does not leave without ensuring that the seeds of his toil will be tended and nurtured. A great soul does not come like a thief in the night, take his spoils and leave covering his tracks. As his life is given freely and unstintingly to those he loves, so also he makes provision for those he loves on his departure.

Therefore, although we feel so keenly this sense of loss, we should not despair and give ourselves to hopeless thoughts. Our inheritance is written in the soil of this earth. Our future has been set in the ploughing of the fields, in the tilling of the earth and in the planting of the crops. Now as the rain of our tears brings the germination of the seeds, so will the turning of the seasons bring the bountiful harvest for which we all long.

There are no short cuts. We will all have to do our share of the labour. But with many hands and courageous hearts the heavy toil will seem light and the time will pass with much joy and singing.And when the work of the day is done we will all be able to join at the dinner table and share the stories of the past days and relate our hopes for the future.

So dry your eyes my children. Be brave and say farewell and remember that we have been blessed. And to be blessed inherently tells us we are cherished.

Let us take heart and smile on this dawning of a new day.

Yours, as always,

South Africa.


Welcome Citizens of South Africa

Dear Readers,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you here to this site. I have long been wishing to tell you so many things but have lacked the ways and means to do so. Now, by the grace of God, we as a nation have been given this intriguing vehicle, made possible by modern technology and ancient wisdom whereby I am able to tell you what is best for us all from my perspective.

As a country, I am able to see a far bigger picture than you as citizens can. And I have inside information, so to speak, that you have no access to. I am willing to share this with you for our greater good. And in the long run it is hoped that by putting our own house in order we will be able, in some measure, to influence other nations to shift their own perspectives to a higher vibration. In this way perhaps we can halt the wanton destruction of our magnificent planet and secure a more stable and brighter future for the children of Mother Earth.

I hope our association will not only be one concerning the weighty matters of governance and guardianship but also one where we are able to touch on the lighter side of life and nurture all the diverse talents and skills which is the rich heritage of this land.

Should there be any matters which you wish to discuss with me, please feel free to leave your comments or email queries below, and I shall do my best to attend to them.

Yours in all our best interests,

South Africa.